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Agile Banking

Agile- processes, methods, teams, structures, thinking, management. The Buzzword "agile" is in everyone's mouth and slowly starts to become more significant in all industries and areas, but why? Challenges for Banks: Regulations, cryptocurrency, tied resources and economic framework conditions - skip those hurdles through agility. Problem-sources Solved by Agility: When working with classical methods, problems arise that are prevented by an agile approach, or do not even occur. Long decision-making processes and decision durations, rigid structures and the fear of failure are exemplary sources of problems, that are greatly improved or even eliminated through agility. Agility promises not only flexibility, but also an increase in speed and efficiency. Responsiveness to changes, continuous product improvements and active involvement of employees in decision-making, are just a few of the advantages. The banking [...]

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2019 Buyers Guide for PPM

Changepoint just published the yearly PPM Buyer´s Guide for 2019 Whether you are a first-time user of a PPM software or decided to change your tool- The 2019 Buyer´s Guide for Project Portfolio Management helps you to find the ideal solution for your company. The PPM Buyer´s Guide leads you through the important steps in the selection process and helps you to choose the optimal solution for your companies’ needs. The Whitepaper assists you in asking the correct questions and supports your reflection process: What are the challenges our PMO has to face? What do we need to put into consideration when it comes to PPM Solutions in order to support our companies’ requirements ideally? What specific outcomes should be reached for our enterprise? What is essential concerning the selection [...]

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