IBM Cognos


Smart decisions. Better outcome.

Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos 10 adds new user functionality and has been enhanced with legacy Business Intelligence (BI) modeling, real-time monitoring, scheduling, and predictive analytics capabilities.
BI supports the way we humans work and think.

  • Think free: BI analysis features help users answer important business questions.
  • Communicate with others: Through virtual collaboration and social networking in the BI workspace, information is gathered and shared instantly.
  • Acting simple: a mobile and real-time analysis delivers insights with maximum efficiency.

Make smart decisions that lead to better business results.

Comprehensive analysis capabilities help you make better, more informed business decisions

Query & Reports
Query and reporting capabilities help make informed and comprehensive decisions.

Monitor, quantify and control corporate performance at a glance.

Link the strategy to the company goals

Get every piece of information in seconds in real time

Create business reports supported by statistical analysis

Planning & Budgeting
High-performance enterprise planning software facilitates budgeting, demand forecasting and analysis

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