All-Round Support of IBM System i Series and AS/400 Systems:

With almost 20 years of experience, we offer comprehensive support for IBM AS/400 systems and their successors.

Our experts apply best practices to meet your needs and deliver the ideal solution for your business.

From administration to deployment, database management and the creation of new interfaces to other systems, our solution-oriented specialists with competent expert knowledge are at your side.

To ensure that you and your IBM System i- AS/400 are optimally supported, we analyze all components relevant to your company (process, system, software, database analysis, etc.).

Based on these analyses, our consultants advise you with recommendations for optimisation and suggestions for action and will then then gladly carry these out for you.

Whether evaluation, selection of new acquisitions of hardware or software – our experts are at your service from the first moment so ensuring that your individual needs are met.

The maintenance and servicing of your system requires attention, to ensure that your system and therefore your business are up-to-date.

Security gaps and errors are eliminated by us, so that you can pursue your business carefree and with competitive advantage.

Planning, evaluation and upgrades to new System i 5 – AS/400 are carried out by our experts so a smooth and modern workflow is guaranteed.

We are also happy to integrate AS-400 systems into other systems (e.g. ERP, PIM, logistics systems, LGV, Lotus Notes, backup SW, etc.).

For a smooth running of your AS/400 system also with external programs, our experts configure interfaces around merchandise management and ERP systems for you.

We also make changes to standard interfaces so as to ensure that your systems complement each other perfectly and that the workflows in your company run smoothly.

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