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baromterIT is one of the leading enterprise architecture solutions.

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barometerIT is an innovative enterprise architecture solution that empowers corporations and IT organizations by connecting multiple portfolios across the enterprise.
With BarometerIT you create transparency for new growth and optimize the innovation process.

Create contextual relationships between applications, functions, resources, strategies, and all other aspects of your business, and let barometerIT easily interpret all your data.
Generate actionable intelligence and identify redundancies, streamline processes and systems, and most importantly, make decisions with real-time information.

Companies use barometerIT to ensure that the strategies are consistent with business and operational priorities.

Create an enterprise-wide knowledge platform through barometerIT.

barometerIT is a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that allows you to access all the information and work with the system anytime and anywhere.

The software and all data are stored in a secure data center of the EU (Amsterdam) and managed exclusively by the provider Changepoint.

What advantages do you have with barometerIT:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of decisions are recognized
  • Redundancies are shown
  • Time and cost savings through clear provision of all data
  • Identification of security and data risks
  • Real-time compliance and audit facilitation
  • Company-wide networked technologies
  • Insights into seemingly disconnected areas to gain knowledge
  • Real-time information about people, strategies, capacities, markets,Technologies, Products, Resources and Systems
  • Support of industry standards (ITIL & COBIT)
  • What-if analyzes for future prospects
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