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Changepoint PSA is one of the best and most mature professional services automation solutions in the industry.

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Changepoint PSA

Changepoint PSA is an end-to-end application designed for companies with cost-based projects and international debt to simplify, control and manage billing methods and the diversity of resources.

Changepoint ranges from identifying opportunities through contract and project management to billing and revenue recognition, providing a real-time view of all data at every stage.

Improve your resource utilization, control your finances and analyze and increase your customer satisfaction with Changepoint PSA.
Manage your enterprise and control all financial processes.

With custom dashboards and powerful work management capabilities, our PSA solution makes it easy for you to focus on key factors, strengthen customer satisfaction, and increase project success and profit.


  • Transparency at all levels
  • Continuous planning of your projects
  • Robust financial management
  • Invoice and contract processing
  • Real-time information of all projects and “what-if” analysis
  • Access to Changepoint PSA from all mobile devices
  • Comprehensive and individual reporting of all desired data
  • Multi-currency support


Plan your projects from start to finisch and make sure they are moving in the right direction – forward and success as a goal. ivide resources and set schedules.
With traffic light functions you have a precise overview of the status of the projects and their subareas.

Resource management:

Allocate the right resources with the right skills and competences and the right tasks.
The resource manager in Changepoint PSA enables you to get the most out of your resources, including skills and competency tracking, resource discovery, and scheduling.

Financial management:

Keep a close eye on your finances with accurate real-time views, mature budgeting and multi-currency support.
From forecasting to execution – detailed budgeting provides early warning of the potential threat to projects.

Contract management:

In Changepoint PSA you will be able to handle all your contracting.
Gain complete financial and contract insight into all projects, easily communicate that data, and keep your customers happy.

Revenue management

The revenue management in Changepoint not only supports multiple currencies but also multilateral tax requirements.
Regardless of how complex processes are or how many billing methods are used, all financial data will be displayed and exported in real time.

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