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Changepoint named a leader in Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management, Worldwide!

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Daptiv PPM

Daptiv PPM gives you the ability to control all project-related processes in the enterprise, project developments, increase productivity and thus save time and money. It provides a flexible and powerful environment that can be fully customized, user-defined and is easy to use.
The entire project lifecycle is in your hands.
Daptiv is one of the few SaaS solutions to receive ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certification and has been the leader in the Gartner Project Portfolio Management Magic Quadrant® for several years in a row.

Changepoint knows your needs...

because they have 18 years of experience with Daptiv.

As recognised PPM leaders..

wurde Daptiv 6 mal von Gartner Magic Quadrant preisgekrönt.

Customers in the automobile, finance...

information industry and many more are using Daptiv successfully.

Our customers are so satisfied with daptiv...

that 90% stay with the product.

More Value for you

Daptiv PPM is a “Software-as-a-Service” Solution, SaaS for short, which gives companies the essential advantage of being able to access all the information they need and work with the system from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Daptiv was the first and only on-demand project and portfolio management tool vendor with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certification.

The software and all data are stored in a secure data center of the EU (Amsterdam) and managed exclusively by the provider Changepoint.

Optimize the processes in the company, control the planning and completion of all projects and manage the chaos.

Daptiv enabled companies to achieve the following goals:

cost reduction per project
 less project redundancy
Increase in productivity
fewer failed projects

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Project management

project managers are provided with functions for easier coordination, problem solving, better internal cooperation, future prospects, etc. to manage projects quickly, easily and successfully at the push of a button. Daptiv PPM gives you everything you need for a successful control, management and execution and brings complete visibility at all levels.
All details about milestones, tasks and the projects themselves can be found here.

Portfolio management

The portfolio management provides an overview including all details regarding costs, condition and course of the projects and bundles all tasks to be done. Furthermore, based on Portfolio analyses, which evaluate various possible scenarios, assesses which decisions would make sense for the further course of the projects. Thus, you achieve the maximum benefit and profit from your investment.

Resource management

Allocate the right resources at the right time, with the right tasks.
Daptiv PPM gives you complete transparency on the current availability of resources and ongoing work steps.
It offers the possibility to either request or provide the necessary employees for the realisation of projects. Through the capacity planner the required working hours of the projects are displayed and all available resources are listed.

Demand management

Through demand management employees can be encouraged to share innovate ideas for projects.
Employees can easily enter all ideas, proposals and suggestions in Daptiv PPM and they can be edited by all authorized persons.


The portfolio provides a detailed overview of all ongoing projects, their current status and many more details.
You also have the opportunity to determine, through project portfolio analysis, which areas affect the projects the most and which subarea has the biggest input on the projects.

Collaboration opportunities

In Daptiv PPM, members have the ability to easily exchange any information at all times.
This ensures an optimal internal communication process and saves a lot of time.
Documents, risks or project data can be managed and stored, so authorized members have all the right information at a glance.

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