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Projekt and Portfolio Management

Get control over the entire project life cycle with a PPM solution.

What is PPM?

Enterprise Architecture

Link all the entities of the entire company, get a real-time overview and create a company-wide knowledge platform.

What is EA?

Professional Services Automation

A PSA-software provides a uniform process for planning, administration and measuring all the performances of the projects throughout the whole life cycle.

What is PSA?

Enterprise Resource Planning

Map through a data management all processes in your company and optimize these. Infor ERP gives you the opportunity to control large amounts of resources and to manage those in real-time.

What is ERP?

Business Intelligence

Cognos BI makes your business transparent and lets you analyze data of all divisions of the company. You can either choose standard or ad-hoc analysis with data from all sources.

What is BI?

AS/400 und System i Series

The integrated support for IBM System i and AS/400 systems includes system updates, upgrades, integrations and customization of individual interfaces, etc.

What is ERP?

What is Project and Portfolio Management?

The aim of the project and portfolio management is to summarize all projects of a company, to provide an overview and to coordinate and control these projects. Through project and portfolio management, better business decisions can be made. All data is summarized and evaluated within the tool. By keeping the project data, resources can be used better and more efficiently. The creation of portfolios evaluates and makes frame conditions, opportunities or risks visible. Overall, PPM tools are used to coordinate and gain an overview of all projects from project proposal to project completion.

What is Enterprise Architecture

For many companies, the ever-growing corporate landscape is a confusing construct. This is exactly what should be counteracted by Enterprise Portfolio Management. EPM tools enable a holistic corporate landscape and knowledge platform to gain a consistant overview of all business processes. All seemingly coherent processes and departments of a company will be interconnected so that they can be controlled by a universal platform.

What is Professional Services Automation?

Professional Services Automation gives companies the ability to manage all core business processes. Projects can be accurately planned, monitored and executed by increasing the transparency of the organization. PSA enhances resource management and efficiency, streamlines financial processes such as billing and invoicing, and improves the business performance and profitability.

What is Enterprise Ressource Planning?

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, describes the resource planning of an entire enterprise. The software combines business applications and operating modes, which are managed and stored in a central database. ERP solutions are used for all business processes running in the company.

Our Solution to Enterprise Ressource Planning: Infor ERP

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence, is the term used to describe the methods and processes for collecting, systematically evaluating and centrally storing electronic data of a company. The goal is to analyse and understand the development of your own company in order to gain competitive advantages.

Our Solution to Business Intelligence: IBM Cognos